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Stretch Sole W

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 10/07/2017
 แก้ไขล่าสุด: 04/08/2017
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Espresso/Poppy Loafer size W8
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 stock have size W8 

Crocs Stretch Sole W Espresso/Poppy Loafer

Item #15318-2K5

Women’s Stretch Sole Loafer


Item #15318

Stretch Sole is an amazingly comfortable loafer — no other shoe flexes, stretches and fits quite like it. A stretch cord links the outsole pods together, allowing the shoe to stretch horizontally. Paired with the stretch canvas uppers, this shoe adapts to your foot for a very comfortable fit. And of course, it has full-on Crocs comfort inside, powered by an articulated Croslite™ material insole. It may be the most comfortable shoe we’ve ever made — and that says a lot coming from Crocs.

Women’s Stretch Sole Flat details:

  • Stretch canvas uppers hug your feet

  • Articulated Croslite™ material insole for cushion and comfort

  • Crocs Fit2U technology™: the shoe stretches horizontally for a great fit

  • Articulated outsole flexes with the motion of your foot

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